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Brad Clark -- PST's Solo Performance Festival, Singlehandedly

General $15 Advance or 5-NIGHT Passes $60.
(Space Permitting) General $20 at the Door

Brad Clark

Brad has told us stories about meeting the love of his life, his relationship with his father, and the joys and struggles of living in Africa. This time hes telling a brand-new suspenseful, touching, and fun story, straight from the heart.

Brad works full time digging salt from the center of the earth. He puts on his work clothes, and dress shoes, and heads to the mine, in a big high rise building, in the heart of downtown Portland.

When hes not at his day job; Brad writes, draws, paints and performs. He is a world-famous unknown artist, tropical fish breeder, and Chihuahua wrangler.

In past lives Brad was also a software trainer, video producer, world traveler and pool boy.

Brad also oversees the PR and Marketing at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, a bright and colorful yarn shop he owns with his lifelong sweet-heart, Cheri.

Catch Brad on Friday May 11 as part of the Urban Tellers Invitational.
He'll be performing with Mary Welch, Scott Bump, Diane Ponti, August Preston, Lacey Mulford, and Talen Nikolai Moe