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Ryan Wolf Stroud -- PST's Solo Performance Festival, Singlehandedly

Ryan Wolf Stroud

Ryan Wolf Stroud is a narrative artist from the Pacific Northwest who draws upon an extraordinary range of experiences, from the White House to the underground and beyond. He shares stories that are representative of the new renaissance, stories that invite, reveal, incite, and heal. Ryan Wolf Stroud is graduate student in the Conflict Resolution Program at PSU and lives with his lives with his wife and two children in the community of Portland, Oregon.

Created and Performed by Ryan Wolf Stroud, That's Why We Pray is part of PST's Solo Performance Festival, Singlehandedly!

Catch Ry on Saturday, April 28, telling his feature-length story along with actor and storyteller Cory Huff, who will also be performing that evening.

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General $15 Advance or 5-NIGHT Passes $60.
(Space Permitting) General $20 at the Door