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Annie La Ganga, Artist in Residence -- Portland Story Theater's New Works Solo Festival, Singlehandedly
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Annie La Ganga
The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is the story of Annie La Ganga's long and sometimes troubling relationship with tarot cards. While the symbology of the tarot has served her well as a guide to spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth, it has also been an aggravating and terrifying companion empowering the most fearful and annoying aspects of her personality. Her story is part comic meditation on magical thinking, mental illness, and sordid spiritual seeking, and part earnest investigation into the fundamental and ridiculous mysteries of being.

Raised in a generally secular yet ethnically Catholic family riddled with trauma, and addiction, Annie crafted a personal childhood religion out of fairy tales, superstition, and terror. In junior high, she made friends with other strange angry witchy girls who told spooky stories about ouija boards and read palms and tarot cards. By the time Annie was twenty-five, she was living with gay buddhists in northern California, taking lots of LSD, and trying to earn money as a phone psychic, giving half-hearted tarot readings to irritatingly desperate people. By the time she was thirty-five, she was finally bored of new age entrepreneurial occultism and was ready to find out what a mature spiritual life might be like. Surprisingly, as she became more rational in her approach to life and spirituality, she found the tarot to be an enduring source of wisdom and guidance.