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Eric Stern -- PST's Solo Performance Festival, Singlehandedly
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Eric Stern
To Catch A Thief

There’s no easy way of saying this. Before Eric Stern stole hearts and minds with his dulcet accordion playing and tenor voice he stole groceries. And a vacuum cleaner. And a record-player. And a power drill. And some other stuff. After years of concealing these facts Stern finally comes clean with all his techniques and the sophomoric justifications he used to further his pickpocketing forays. What made him stop, what did he tell the judge, and what keeps him from doing it again, besides the baloney sandwiches they serve in jail?

Created and Performed by Eric Stern, To Catch A Thief is part of Portland Story Theater's Solo Festival, Singlehandedly! See Eric on Friday, April 26, telling his feature-length story along with New Voice Annie Rosen, who will also be performing that evening.

Storytelling is Stern's way into composing. He is the Northwest’s own premiere operatic tenor, accordionist, pianist, composer and consummate showman, an unparalleled devo with incendiary stage presence and devilish virtuosity. Trained in Europe Eric Stern has performed there and in the U.S. and Canada garnering critical acclaim for his musicianship and his stunningly imaginative songwriting.

Eric Stern is a featured teller and emcee for Portland Story Theater’s Valentine’s Day show, Kiss & Tell, over at The Alberta Rose Theater. He delivered an outstanding performance in last season's Singlehandedly. But besides being a great storyteller, Eric Stern has appeared with the Decemberists, Devotchka, Pink Martini, Balkan Beat Box, and many more artists. In Portland Oregon he leads Vagabond Opera, an original cabaret ensemble he founded in 2002. Stern has appeared on NPR and all over the world from Portland to Paris to Poland.