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Kriya Kaping, New Voice -- Portland Story Theater's New Works Solo Festival, Singlehandedly

Kriya Kaping
A Taste for the Abyss

We are the stories our families tell of us. Either in the rebelling against the story given to us, or in the act of embracing our part of the family legend, there are some memories in life that are more powerful because they are told by the collective, more true with every telling. Even as the story becomes more family folklore than fact, it becomes a strong part of your mythos, even if sometimes you yourself only have a faint recollection of how it all began.

According to family legend, Kriya was born with a passion for the “un’s”: the unconventional, the unfamiliar, the unsafe, and unpredictable. A Taste for the Abyss is the story of what can happen when you jump into the deep end of adventure and become beguiled by the unknown. What happens when you fall in love with the mystery and have a taste for the abyss?

Kriya Kaping has enjoyed a career specializing in communications, outreach, and public speaking. She comes from a long line of Story Tellers, with the family motto of “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes for a great story!” She appreciates the continued opportunity to share her love of personal narrative and perform with Portland Story Theater.