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Solo Series

Great solo performance is a combination of compelling content, skillful use of space, and charismatic, dynamic storytelling. It is a conscience performance that engages people deeply, where the artist is always present in the moment, taking the audience on a journey through the inner workings of the heart. Solo performance is not about I or me, its about we. It is a shared experience when audiences witness a person transform before their eyes, and through that story, they are transformed.

Our Solo Series has evolved out of the solo performance phenomena in which an artist is both creator and performer of a show. This art form rides on the back of storytelling, which is reaching a zenith of popularity within our culture and especially in Portland. Unlike TV, radio, or the internet, it's face to face, eye to eye and heart to heart. That's what people are so hungry for -- that real human connection.

Artist in Residence Program

Portland Story Theater believes in and supports solo performance. We practice what can best be described as Solo Devised Performance Created in Collaboration. Our 2016-2017 Season marks a hiatus for this program. We expect to resume our practice in the 2015-2016 Season.


Solo Artists

Feedback from past artists

"To be affirmed in my own process by smart, effective, and incredibly entertaining storytellers was a gift I hadn't imagined being quite so powerful. It was like I had been given permission to trust my sensibilities and to expand my confidence."
Annie La Ganga, 2013  

"If you are a storyteller/solo performer who wants to develop your work while helping others develop theirs and live as an actual, real legit working artist amongst those who believe each one can teach all-give yourself a Gift of Time."
Michele Carlo, 2012  

"The process that Portland Story Theater uses is so successful because at its root there is also a very important mission. To develop personal creativity, nurture the creation of new work, provide support for oral tradition and connect tellers through community relationships and alliances."
Slash Coleman, 2011  

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