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Bridges Debut A Success!

Hipbone Studio was packed on October 26th, the night Portland Story Theater launched its program Bridges. We want to thank our storytellers Willie Welch, Donna Kelly, Paula Small, and Judith Mowry. Portland Story Theater is working with the community to create a new narrative for Portland around race, ethnicity, and culture − one story at a time. We believe that there is power in storytelling that can transform lives and bridge the gaps between people.

Be A Part of This Important Work

If you have a strong desire to tell your personal story about your first-hand life experiences that revolve around your race, your ethnicity, or your cultural background, then Portland Story Theater may be a great fit for you.

Power of Personal Story

For the past five years, Portland Story Theater has been guiding people to discover their personal stories and share them publicly. We have learned that telling the stories of our lives can give us a clearer sense of who we are, what we want, and where we're going.

We want to take our proven collaborative process and work with people who are willing to share their personal stories about race relations with the intention of making a change for the better within our community. Join Us.

Tell Your Story. Be Heard.

If you are interested in learning to craft your personal story, please visit our Workshops page for dates, prerequisites, and fees. Call Lynne at 503-284-2226 to register.

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