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St. Paddy's Celebration: Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Kiss Me, I'm Irish Portland Story Theater is ratcheting up the fun factor as they open their doors for Kiss Me, I’m Irish, their 1st annual St. Paddy’s Celebration. Fueled by the legacy of Irish legend, luck, and love, the evening promises to be a wonderful collage of story, music, and rambunctious entertainment. Audience participation is encouraged as storytellers, musicians, and poets regale them with all things Irish at 8 PM on Saturday, March 14th. The show will take place at Portland Story Theater's new home, the Alberta Abbey.

The show will include real, true stories, a couple of rowdy Irish songs, some wildly inappropriate humor, a touch of traditional Irish dancing, a smattering of Gaelic, a pinch of puppetry, and more than a wee bit of malarkey. There will be a raffle for fabulous prizes from Eastside Distilling and Pacific Pie Co. Have no fears: no actual leprechauns were harmed in the making of this event.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Event Information

Kiss Me, I'm Irish, A St. Paddy's Celebration at Alberta Abbey,
located at 126 NE Alberta Street (2 blocks West of MLK)
Tickets available in advance ($15, no additional fee) or at the door ($18)
Saturday, March 14, 2015 | Doors at 7pm, show begins at 8pm
Beer (Rogue Ales) and wine (Hip Chicks Do Wine) for sale
Complimentary hors d'oeuvres
21 and over

About The Performers

The founder of Portland Story Theater, Lynne Duddy, is a real Irish woman. She's got the gift of gab. Her hair was red(ish) in her younger days. She's got a fiery streak, a touch of the Irish melancholy, and a wee bit of the blarney. She can trace her family's ancestry back to the last pagan king of Ireland. And if that's not enough, she created and performed a one-woman show called "Dammit, I'm Irish!" Lynne is the creator and producer of Portland Story Theater's new works solo festival, Singlehandedly, which brought over forty solo shows to Portland between 2008 and 2013. Her performance art has been described by The Oregonian as "raw, revealing, and vulnerable" and the stories she will tell at Kiss Me, I'm Irish are no exception.

The other founder of Portland Story Theater Lawrence Howard is not a real Irishman, but he'd like to play one on TV. And, he's been to Ireland twice in the last year. That ought to count for something, right? Lawrence is best known for his Armchair Adventurer series, which includes epic stories about Antarctic exploration, whaling, and other cool stuff. A man who never drinks more than two beers in a calendar year, Lawrence will contribute a couple of rowdy Irish drinking songs to the show, and maybe a limerick or two.

Nobody emcees a show quite like Penny Walter. Best known as the proprietor of Penny's Puppet Productions, Penny's wacky voices and outrageous humor never fail to have the crowd rolling in the aisles. Penny has been an integral part of Portland Story Theater for the last eight years and has performed with them too many times to count. Penny has an encyclopedic knowledge of Jameson's Irish whiskey and her phony Irish accent is one of the best we've ever heard.

Maura Conlon participated in Portland Story Theater's URBAN TELLERS program twice before being invited to join the fun at Kiss Me, I'm Irish. Interestingly enough, both of her Urban Tellers stories were about her Irish identity. Growing up in the US, she longed for the ancestral homeland back in County Clare, and has visited often. Maura is a depth psychologist and a published author. Her latest book, FBI Girl: How I Learned to Crack My Father's Code (TimeWarner), made the Los Angeles Times' best seller list. Her second book is called She's All Eyes; Memoirs of an Irish-American Daughter.

Brian Ó hAirt is a veritable treasure trove of all things Irish right here in Portland. He is a singer, a concertina player, a penny whistler, a sean nós ("old time," or traditional) dancer, and a fluent speaker of the Irish language. He teaches Irish, performs and tours with his band, Bua, and also sings with Len Graham, one of Ireland's best-known singers of traditional songs.

Brenda Scearcy and Jim Loewenherz are a husband and wife team performing traditional Irish music together as Innisfree. Brenda's fascination with Irish music began in 1987 when a friend of hers returned from a trip to Ireland with a pennywhistle and a tape of the Bothy Band. That was all it took. Jim started as a bluegrass player and got excited about Irish music through Augusta Heritage Center's "Irish Week" music camp at Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia, where he met Brenda, back in the 80's. Both of them have been fortunate to study with wonderful teachers, especially Joannie Madden on pennywhistle and Billy McComiskey on button accordion. They live in NE Portland, in a lovely house with a beautiful fig tree in the front yard.

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Portland Story Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making the narrative arts an integral part of Portland's rich cultural identity and is committed to bringing an authentic story and theater experience to inspire, challenge and expand a sense of community in Portland's urban environment.

Core Creative Team

There are all kinds of master craftsmen in the world, Lawrence Howard is a master at crafting stories. Howard is a Founder of Portland Story theater and is best known for his Armchair Adventurer series, in particular Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare.

Founder, Lynne Duddy is the Executive Creative Director of Portland Story Theater. Duddy also performs as a solo artist (Dark Matter, White Girl, Twice Born) and her performance art has been described by The Oregonian as "raw, revealing, and vulnerable."

Best known for her puppet artistry, Penny Walter is a primary creative contributor to Portland Story Theater productions. Walter regularly performs at Mainstage events, including Kiss & Tell (Valentine's), Spellbound (Halloween), and in 2015 their new St. Paddy's show, Kiss Me, I'm Irish.

For all media inquiries, please contact Portland Story Theater at 503-284-2226 or by email at

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