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Oregon Arts Watch
"intimate theater"
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Oregon Arts Watch
"keeps us entranced from start to finish"
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Oregon Arts Watch
"solo storytelling is flexing its muscle as an enduringly powerful form"
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PSU Vanguard
"fosters deeper human connections "
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Portland Tribune
"telling the story never gets old"
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"some serious talent."
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Oregon Arts Watch, Bob Hicks
     Telling tales in the Naked City.
     Portland Story Theater's "Urban Tellers" spin stories of the life beneath their lives

Oregon Jewish Life, Taylor Long
     Singlehandedly!! Festival Brings Solo Performance to Portland
Oregon Arts Watch, Bob Hicks
     A catch in the throat: the storyteller’s story
bePortland, Tiffany Mertens
     A Story For Every Soul (Singlehandedly Preview)
OregonLive, Marty Hughley
     Singlehandedly a festival adds to the resurgent popularity of storytelling as a solo performance form
Brown Paper Tickets Blog
     Portland Story Theater's Singlehandedly Solo Festival
Oregon Arts Watch, Bob Hicks
     The man they could not hang, the story with no end
OregonLive, Marty Hughley
     Lawrence Howard turns his storytelling craft to a Victorian murder mystery
Oregon Jewish Life, Lynne Duddy
     Lawrence Howard invited to United Solo 2012
NY Theatre
     Q&A with Lawrence Howard
     Lawrence Howard at United Solo
The Portland Tribune, Jason Vondersmith
     An Enduring Tale, Storyteller Lawrence Howard relives Shackleton's heroic struggle on stage
The Oregonian, Marty Hughley
     Portland Story Theater's Lawrence Howard chosen to perform in New York's United Solo Festival
The Oregonian, Marty Hughley
     Stage Notes: storytelling on stage and online
Oregon Arts Watch, Bob Hicks
     Storytelling:a wintry tale of amazing fortitude
Examiner, Daphne Rozen Wray
     Shackleton Alive at Portland Story Theater
Art Scatter, Laura Grimes
     Jonzin' for love? Try ‘Love Jones’

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Portland Story Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making the narrative arts an integral part of Portland's rich cultural identity. Founded in 2004, the organization is committed to bringing an authentic story and theater experience to enrich, inspire, challenge and expand Portland's urban environment.

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