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Oregon Arts Watch
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10 Years of Story Love!

Portland Story Theater's Exponential Growth

When Portland Story Theater launches its 2014/2015 Season on September 13th, it will be in their new home, the Alberta Abbey. Built in 1924, this mixed-use building offers a fantastic opportunity that promises to meet the steady growth that Portland Story Theater has experienced since its inception in 2004. The Alberta Abbey welcomes Portland Story Theater as their resident performance group and together, they plan to build a vibrant performance space on Portland's East Side.

Portland Story Theater gives voice to the true stories of people from within our urban community, practicing this ancient art form in a way that enriches contemporary life and makes it accessible to everyone. Advance Tickets for Portland Story Theater are extremely affordable - only $15 - with no additional fees! The price at the door is actually going down this September to $18. Portland Story Theater is also joining Arts for All, a RACC program that gives people with an Oregon Trail Card a chance to buy $5 tickets to many of Portland's best music, theater and dance groups.

Now entering their 10th season, Portland Story Theater always delivers a potent blend of vulnerability and heart. Exhilarating. Energizing. Empowering. Real, true stories told face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart. They are a grass-roots operation, committed to creating original work and building awareness and appreciation for stories that matter. Lawrence Howard, one of the founders, explains that "personal story breaks down barriers and reveals the commonality of the human experience. Story is the glue that holds us together and sustains us as a community."

2014-2015 Portland Story Theater Season

Urban Tellers® Invitational at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, September 13
Portland Story Theater kicks off their 10th season of story love in the Alberta Abbey! The season opens on September 13th with a very special Urban Tellers® Invitational, featuring Portland Story Theater's Dream Team: founders Lawrence Howard, Lynne Duddy, and Penny Walter, along with audience favorites Kriya Kaping, Eric Stern, and Leigh Hancock.

Urban Tellers® at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, Monthly
October 11, November 8, December 13, February 7, March 7, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11

Every month, this showcase features the stories of six people who have gone through Portland Story Theater's workshop, The Art of Personal Narrative. These are people from all walks of life who have worked to discover, craft and present personal stories of real significance - stories about events that have shaped them and made them who they are. Urban Tellers® stand alone on stage, fueled by the power of their stories and the energy of the audience.

Urban Tellers® at The Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Shows 7:30PM, September 27 & November 15
New this season, Portland Story Theater will bring their spoken word programs to Hood River through a partnership with The Columbia Center for the Arts. Not only will they perform an encore presentation of their Urban Tellers® Invitational on September 27th but will also offer their 8-session workshop,The Art of Personal Narrative, Sundays beginning on October 5th. These workshop participants perform an Urban Tellers® Showcase on the evening of November 15th in the beautiful 135+ seat theater at the Columbia Center for the Arts. Each storyteller will create a true, personal story under the guidance of Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy of Portland Story Theater.

Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, October 18
2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton's historic, ill-fated expedition to Antarctica. This October, Portland Story Theater founder Lawrence Howard brings back Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare, the true, epic tale of Ernest Shackleton and the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914. This show is a special send-off for Lawrence Howard as he journeys to Ireland to meet Shackleton's granddaughter, see Shackleton's birth place, and visit the Athy Heritage Centre-Museum.

The Adoption Show, Solo Speak Sessions at the Cascades Theatre in Bend, Shows 2:00 & 7:30PM, November 22
Solo Speak of Bend, Oregon has invited Lynne Duddy to bring a version of her one woman show, Twice Born, to be a part of a special show on adoption this fall. Tickets and additional information can be found at Solo Speak.

The Essex at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, January 23 & 24
Come January, 2015 Lawrence Howard's new Armchair Adventurer story will be the chilling tale of The Essex, a whaling ship that was sunk in the middle of the Pacific by an 80-foot sperm whale in 1820. This true story was the inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Howard is a master at creating compelling, well-paced story theater. And this one includes a rich description of the Nantucket whaling culture that fueled 19th century America and influenced everything from our economy to our social habits to our mythology. But the horrific heart of the narrative details the fate of the 20 sailors who attempted to sail several thousand miles in their three pathetic open boats. Rescued 93 days later, only eight sailors survived the ordeal of thirst, starvation and despair.

The Essex, Special Solo Speak Session at the Cascades Theatre in Bend, Show 7:30PM, April 17
Lawrence Howard will return to Bend, Oregon in the spring to perform another edition of his Armchair Adventurer series, The Essex. Tickets and additional information can be found at Solo Speak.

Kiss & Tell | Valentine's Day at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, February 14
If you're looking for something completely different to do on Valentines, this is it. Kiss & Tell is Portland Story Theater Valentine's Day show and it's sure to have some sizzling hot, scintillating stories of sexy, spicy romance. Always a Valentine's date to remember, with wine, chocolate, and stories of real love and romance woven together in a funny, sexy and intimate evening of story theater. This even is hosted by the incomparable accordion virtuoso Eric Stern, with stories from some of Portland Story Theater's favorite performers.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish | St. Paddy's Celebration at the Alberta Abbey, Show 8PM, March 14
Looking for a romantic alternative to honor the spirit of St. Paddy's Day? Kiss Me, I'm Irish will be an evening of story, music, and rambunctious entertainment. Fueled by the legacy of Irish legend, luck, and love, this evening is hosted by the incomparable Penny O'Walter and her sidekick, Fancy. Featured storytellers include Maura Conlon, Lawrence O'Howard, Lynne Duddy with traditional Celtic music by Innesfree.

Portland Story Theater Press Clippings

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Portland Story Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making the narrative arts an integral part of Portland's rich cultural identity and is committed to bringing an authentic story and theater experience to inspire, challenge and expand a sense of community in Portland's urban environment.

Core Creative Team

There are all kinds of master craftsmen in the world, Lawrence Howard is a master at crafting stories. Howard is a Founder of Portland Story theater and is best known for his Armchair Adventurer series, in particular Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare. www.lawrencehoward.name/

Founder, Lynne Duddy is the Creative Director of Portland Story Theater. Duddy also performs as a solo artist (Dark Matter, White Girl, Twice Born) and her performance art has been described by The Oregonian as "raw, revealing, and vulnerable." www.lynneduddy.com/

Best known for her puppet artistry, Penny Walter is a primary creative contributor to Portland Story Theater productions. Walter regularly performs at annual holiday events, including Kiss & Tell (Valentine's), Spellbound (Halloween), and in 2015 their new St. Paddy's show, Kiss Me, I'm Irish. www.pennypuppets.com/

For all media inquiries, please contact Portland Story Theater at 503-284-2226 or by email at tellers@portlandstorytheater.com.

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