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storyteller and audience"
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Oregon Arts Watch
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"solo storytelling is flexing its muscle as an enduringly powerful form"
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Storytelling At Its Finest
A Commitment to Art and Community Connection

Photo by Talen Nicolai Moe, Audience at Alberta Abbey

With a growing number of storytelling events in the Portland area, Portland Story Theater continues to stand out by remaining true to the art of storytelling in its most authentic form. At Portland Story Theater performances, their modern take on the ancient craft forges emotional connections in the audience by giving a much-needed voice to the true stories of people from within our urban community. Hear Portland's many voices come to life and begin to explore the collective human experience of the beautiful city.

Following their commitment to community connection, advance ticket prices for Portland Story Theater are extremely affordable - only $15 - with no additional fees. Portland Story Theater is also a proud member of Arts for All, a RACC program that gives people with an Oregon Trail Card a chance to buy $5 tickets to many of Portland's best music, theater and dance groups.

2015-2016 Portland Story Theater Season

Now entering our 11th season, Portland Story Theater always delivers a potent blend of vulnerability and heart. Exhilarating. Energizing. Empowering. Real, true stories told face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart. This season, all shows will be performed at the Alberta Abbey, a creative space located in the heart of NE Portland. Portland Story Theater is a grass-roots operation, committed to creating original work and building awareness and appreciation for stories that matter. Lawrence Howard, one of the founders, explains, "Personal story breaks down barriers and reveals the commonality of the human experience. Story is the glue that holds us together and sustains us as a community."


Founders, Friends, & Faves, Season Kick-off
Saturday, September 12

Spellbound, A Halloween Gathering
Saturday, October 24

Kiss & Tell, Valentine's Day Special
Saturday, February 13 & Sunday, February 14

Luck of The Irish, St. Paddy's Celebration
Saturday, March 12

armchair adventurer

Shackleton, The Untold Story
Saturday, January 23 & Saturday, January 30

urban tellers®

Second Saturdays
November 14, December 12, April 9, May 14, June 11

Mainstage Shows

This year, Portland Story Theater's Mainstage performances will feature of variety of tellers from a group of narrative artists who have performed with us through our Artist-In-Residence program, SingleHandedly Festival, or Urban Tellers® performances. Mainstage offers audiences a chance to hear some of the best storytellers around. Beginning this season, all of our Mainstage shows will feature live music.

Founders, Friends, and Faves | Season Kickoff
To start the season off right, the best of Portland Story Theater's tellers will gather for a night of celebrated storytelling. Hear stories from founders Lawrence Howard, Lynne Duddy, and Penny Walter along with some of our audience faves! We're excited to announce that Frank Engel's improvizational jazz quartet will make their debut on the Portland Story Theater stage.

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Saturday, September 12

Spellbound | Halloween Gathering
This Halloween, Portland Story Theater's Spellbound show takes the tradition of scary stories to the next level. Crafted to conjure the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, viewers will be drawn in to stories of the strange, eerie, and genuinely frightening. Hosted by the incomparable Sam A. Mowry and featuring the musical stylings of Meoneo, jazz duo from Germany. You'll be mesmerized by the haunted musings from founder Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy with guest storytellers Mary Welch, Annie La Ganga and more!

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Saturday, October 24
    Hosted by SAM A. MOWRY

Kiss & Tell | Valentine's Day
This year, we're giving you two chances to woo your sweetheart with stories, wine, and accordion music! Kiss & Tell isn't your average Valentine's dinner-and-a-movie date. No, with sizzling hot, scintillating stories of sexy, spicy romance, Kiss & Tell is an experience like no other. Enjoy real, true stories of love while indulging in chocolate and wine. This event is hosted by the amazing accordion virtuoso Eric Stern, with stories from some founders Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy along with some of Portland Story Theater's favorite performers.

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Saturday, February 13 & Sunday, February 14
    Hosted by ERIC STERN

Luck of the Irish | St. Paddy's Celebration
Luck of the Irish celebrates St. Paddy's Day in true Irish fashion with plenty of music, rambunctious entertainment, and stories that are sure to lighten your spirit. Hosted by dancer, singer, and musician, Brían Ó hAirt and fueled by the legacy of Irish legend, luck, and love, this evening promises a rollicking good time for all.

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Saturday, March 12
    Hosted by BRIAN Ó HAIRT

Armchair Adventurer

Shackleton | The Untold Story
Launched in 2008, the Armchair Adventurer Series chronicles true historical events with the energy and emotion of personal narrative. This year, the Armchair Adventurer goes back to its roots with Shackleton, the story that started it all. In January, 2016, for the first time ever, we'll include the story of the Ross Sea Party -- those valiant men on the other side of Antarctica who gave everyhing they had to lay down the caches of food and fuel along the route -- caches that, as it turned out, Shackleton never used.

This show will once again be part of the city-wide Fertile Ground theater festival.

This program is appropriate for Young Adults, age 14+

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Saturday, January 23 & Saturday, January 30
    Hosted by Portland Story Theater Founder LYNNE DUDDY

Urban Tellers®

Urban Tellers® features the stories of people who have gone through Portland Story Theater’s workshop, The Art of Personal Narrative. These are people from all walks of life who have worked to discover, craft and present personal stories of real significance - stories about events that have shaped them and made them who they are. Urban Tellers® stand alone on stage, fueled by the power of their stories and the energy of the audience.

    Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
    $15 Advance | $18 At The Door
    Second Saturdays: November 14, December 12, April 9, May 14, June 11
    Hosted by Portland Story Theater Founders LYNNE DUDDY and LAWRENCE HOWARD

Live Storytelling Shows

All Portland shows are held at the Alberta Abbey
Located at 126 NE Alberta Street (2 blocks West of MLK)
Advance Tickets ($15, no additional fee) or at the door ($18)
Doors 7pm, Shows 8pm
Beer (Rogue Ales) and Wine (Hip Chicks Do Wine) for sale
All shows are 21+, unless otherwise noted

Portland Story Theater Press Clippings

Media Relations
(503) 284-2226
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Portland Story Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making the narrative arts an integral part of Portland's rich cultural identity and is committed to bringing an authentic story and theater experience to inspire, challenge and expand a sense of community in Portland's urban environment.

Core Creative Team

There are all kinds of master craftsmen in the world, Lawrence Howard is a master at crafting stories. Howard is a Founder of Portland Story theater and is best known for his Armchair Adventurer series, in particular Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare.

Founder, Lynne Duddy is the Executive Creative Director of Portland Story Theater. Duddy also performs as a solo artist (Dark Matter, White Girl, Twice Born) and her performance art has been described by The Oregonian as "raw, revealing, and vulnerable."

Best known for her puppet artistry, Penny Walter is a primary creative contributor to Portland Story Theater productions. Walter regularly performs at Mainstage events, including Kiss & Tell (Valentine's), Spellbound (Halloween), and the St. Paddy's show, Kiss Me, I'm Irish.

For all media inquiries, please contact Portland Story Theater at 503-284-2226 or by email at

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