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Urban Tellers:Portland Story Theater

Urban Tellers®
at Alberta Abbey

Portland Story Theater is gearing up for another great Urban Tellers on October 11th at Alberta Abbey. It's going to be a very special show! Warren McPherson and Jeri Jenkins are returning to the Portland Story Theater stage along with new Urban Tellers Les Shannon, Nada Kata, Frank Engel + Heather Talbot!

Tickets are already selling! Get yours today!


Urban Tellers shows are at Alberta Abbey
126 NE Alberta with Free Parking and Wheelchair Accessibility - Map and Driving Directions

Great review by Oregon Arts Watch
Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch © 2013

Our Receipe for an
Extraordinary Evening of Entertainment

Take a group of ordinary people.
Stir to combine.
Add four weeks of workshop sessions.
Discover, craft, and shape personal stories.
Add plot, conflict, resolution.
Let rise.
Incorporate feedback and collaboration.
Let rise again.
Gently fold in transformation.
Sprinkle with laughter, feeling, meaning and authenticity.
Let rise one more time.
Turn out onto the Portland Story Theater stage.
Add snacks, libations and audience.
Serve stories face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart.

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