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Urban Tellers®

Next Show: June 13 at Alberta Abbey

Marcia Haque, Peggy Doherty, Corrine Ranard, Heidi Yorkshire, Raahi Reddy, Daniel LaForce

Buy $15 TIX until 5PM on day of the show
7PM-8PM TIX are $18 at the door

Urban Tellers are fueled by the POWER OF THEIR STORIES and the ENERGY OF THE AUDIENCE. Each storyteller has a mere 10 minutes, and listeners are invited to embark on a shared experience that is a potent blend of vulnerability and heart. Exhilarating. Energizing. Empowering.




Great review by Oregon Arts Watch
Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch © 2013

Top Ten of 2014

This past year we had the great fortune to work with so many beautiful people who created an amazingly eclectic body of work. There were so many good stories it was almost impossible to narrow it down. But as we begin a new year, we want to share ten of our 2014 favorites with you. These stories -- and many others -- are available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Many can be downloaded as Podcasts from our new SoundCloud channel. Subscribe to both and don't miss a thing. Enjoy!

Warren McPherson, Bucking The List
[ video | podcast ]

Leigh Hancock, Bad Review
[ video | podcast ]

Tim Stapleton, It Was Snowing
[ video | podcast ]

Annie LaGanga, Ex Libris
[ video ]

John Mink, A Bump In The Road Less Traveled
[ video | podcast ]

Lena Moon, The Miracle of Honey
[ video | podcast ]

Howard Bulick, Migration
[ video | podcast ]

Kate Raphael, The Things We Carry
[ video ]

Daniel LaForce, ...My Father's Son
[ video ]

Jeri Jenkins, The Porch
[ video | podcast ]  

[Listener Discretion Advised] Young adults 17+ are welcome if accompanied by a parent.

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