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Urban Tellers®
DEC 13 at Alberta Abbey

Buy $15 TIX until 5PM on day of the show
7PM-8PM TIX are $18 at the door

Urban Tellers are fueled by the POWER OF THEIR STORIES and the ENERGY OF THE AUDIENCE. With a mere 10 minutes to tell their story, the tellers invite the listeners to embark on a shared experience that is a potent blend of vulnerability and heart. Exhilarating. Energizing. Empowering. Real. True. Stories.

Featuring Tim Stapleton, Kris Forzley, Chetter Galloway, Amanda Trudell, John Mink, and Kristina Edmunson.



Urban Tellers®
NOV 15 in Hood River

Portland Story Theater is extending its reach to Hood River with a new Urban Tellers on November 15th at the Columbia Center for The Arts. Don't miss this amazing showcase with Jackie Mcmanus, Ann Harrie, Howard Bulick, Megan Farrell, Julie Hatfield, and Mari Matthias... all people who live in the Columbia Gorge.



Great review by Oregon Arts Watch
Bob Hicks, Oregon Arts Watch © 2013

"The focus is on the story. It just feels pure and intentional and to the point." Angie Martorana, Designer

Our Receipe for an
Extraordinary Evening of Entertainment

Take a group of ordinary people.
Stir to combine.
Add four weeks of workshop sessions.
Discover, craft, and shape personal stories.
Add plot, conflict, resolution.
Let rise.
Incorporate feedback and collaboration.
Let rise again.
Gently fold in transformation.
Sprinkle with laughter, feeling, meaning and authenticity.
Let rise one more time.
Turn out onto the Portland Story Theater stage.
Add snacks, libations and audience.
Serve stories face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart.

[Listener Discretion Advised] Young adults 17+ are welcome if accompanied by a parent.

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