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Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy of Portland Story Theater offer three different storytelling workshops so that you can learn to express yourself with this amazing art form. In our workshops, we teach intentional storytelling where you'll learn how to tell stories improvisationally, being resourceful and using the power of spontaneity. Our approach teaches you to trust the story and speak extemporaneously from the heart. We offer three different workshops to fit your level of interest and your schedule.

90-Minute Storytelling Starter

Wednesday September 9, 2015
Two-Hour Commitment
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm with break
Bring your friends! Have some fun!

$20 Special Price for TEDx

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If you just want to see if storytelling is your thing, take this lively 90-minute workshop, Storytelling Starter. Fast-paced and fun, you'll have a chance to discover your inner storyteller! No pressure. No performance. We're doing this one in partnership with TEDxMtHood. It's a Storytelling Adventure!. ...[Learn More]

One-Day Storytelling Bootcamp

Saturday November 21, 2015
One-Day Commitment
9:30 am - 4:30 pm with lunch break
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Maybe our one-day Storytelling Bootcamp fits your level of interest in personal narrative, and more importantly, your busy schedule. Offered quarterly. Check the schedule for the date that suits you. No pressure to perform. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. Includes individual time with the instructors. ...[Learn More]

Art of Personal Narrative

10/20 | Ends 11/17
Five-Week Commitment
8 Sessions 7:00 pm -10:30 pm
Limited to 6 participants


Call 503-284-2226 to Register

If you're ready for a creative challenge and have been thinking that you'd really like to explore storytelling in depth, the 8-session Art of Personal Narrative is the perfect opportunity to discover, craft, and tell your story to a live audience.

This workshop is offered in October, November, March, April, and May. Look at the schedule for specific dates, find out what to expect and whether you meet the prequisites for this one ...[Learn More]

What People Are Saying

"Great fun and a good learning experience!" Jason

"Everyone has a story, and Lynne and Lawrence are tremendously effective at helping ANYONE bring that story out into the world." Jessica

"What a transformative experience!" Christine

"Telling my story to a live audience was amazing." Michael

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